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I Summer School 2012

The Summer School “Future Lawyers: Essential Skills to Success” was for the first time organized in IKBFU in 2012 and immediately gathered together 50 students of IKBFU Law School. The School included a set of unique courses devoted to different aspects of professional and communicative skills of a lawyer.

In traditional law school curricula such courses as tactics of negotiations, public speaking in court; legal techniques of contract drafting, law firm management are simply not included. The Summer School fills this gap.

Moreover several courses in English were taught by the most qualified lawyers such as Prof. Demetrius Floudas, Senior Associate at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, Prof. Andreas Andrianopoulos, the Director of Athens Diplomacy Institute, former Ministry of Industry and Foreign Affairs, one of course was led by the Armenian Vice Ministry of Justice Aram Orbelyan.

I Summer School was organized with the support of the IKBFU Development Program and IKBFU Rector’s Office.

Vice Rector Irina Kuksa:

«Not a single university in the world held offered a school curriculum with similar set of courses. We are the pioneers in this area. This School was organized with a high quality mark that in addition allowed participants to communicate with their colleagues. You all deserved this success - you managed to complete the Program, and this is a clear evidence of your firmness of purpose”.

Prof. Demetrius Andreas Floudas, Senior Associate at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge about the unique nature of the School:

“There are numerous Summer Schools in many leading universities around the world. However, these Schools are traditionally devoted to specific fields of law. The Summer School in our University brought together a set of courses that focuses on development of professional and communicative skills of a lawyer. Such a Summer School is a unique one and it takes place here in the Baltic Federal Univeristy”.

The philosophy of the School assumes that there should be not only hard working hours in classrooms but also a forum for informal communication between students and professors. In 2012 all participants had an opportunity to take part in a team building session at a ship drifting along Pregol River.

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