Красота в природе — это прекрасная вещь, а красота в искусстве — это прекрасное представление о вещи.

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VIII International summer school for lawyers and economists August 20 – 29, 2019

In August, 2019 there will be held the 8th Summer School “Future Lawyers & Economists: Essential Skills to Success” at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

This Summer School we decided to continue the tradition: not only students and professors from various law faculties, institutes, and universities will come to school as participants to undergo unique practical-oriented training within this innovative educational program.

This year, there will be a third stream of skill courses specifically designed for students in economics. Some courses future lawyers and economists will study together - the way it often happens in professional engagement.

In 2019 the Summer School is held thanks to the support of the IKBFU, ANO “Center for the development of legal clinics” (Moscow), as well as “Konrad Adenauer Foundation”.

In 2019 Summer School program includes study of three parallel groups (flows) of students:

  • Legal flow: English speaking group – 20 students;
  • Legal flow: Russian speaking group – 25 students;
  • Economic flow: both Russian and English speaking group – 20 students.

Летняя школа 2017

The Summer School programme includes a unique set of courses specially designed to develop a range of professional skills that would be of significant use to all future lawyers as well as to economists, social and political science students and psychologists.

Courses will be taught by academics from leading universities of the US, Europe and Russia as well as practitioners possessing extensive experience in different spheres of legal work, politics and diplomacy.

The languages of the Summer School are English and Russian. There will be courses taught only in English or only in Russian, as well as combined events for all participants.

In addition to the main educational programme, the Summer School participants will be able to attend

  • Lunchtime seminars (Brown Bag)
  • Receptions
  • Video-seminar with White&Case law firm
  • Online seminar with Georgetown University (Washington DC, US) Law Clinic students

Moreover, an amazing team building exercise at the Baltic sea will form an integral part of the IKBFU Summer School; this encapsulates its challenging and resourceful spirit, a spirit that goes beyond simple academic ambition, but instead adopts the ‘work hard, play hard’ maxim.

Vice Rector IKBFU Irina Kuksa:

“A Summer School covering such topics like in this one has never been conducted in any university in the world. We are the pioneers in this field. The 2013 Summer School has been of very high quality and professionalism. Besides it gave an opportunity to the participants to become good friends. The fact that you came along this way demonstrates your commitment.”

Dr. Demetrius Andreas Floudas, Senior Associate at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge:

“Many summer schools dedicated to different fields of law are organised in leading universities in the world. But the Summer School in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University combines a set of modules that concentrate in developing and enhancing practical skills for future lawyers. Such a set of courses is the only one of its kind in the world, and it is organised right here in Kaliningrad.”

Dr. Demetrius Andreas Floudas, Deputy Director of Summers School (Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge) about Summer School 2014:

«Generally speaking the strategy of the School is both simple and complicated at the same time. We want to make it absolutely unique. There is a glut of Summer Schools organized in many universities in the Baltic countries, in Russia and other countries of Europe. However, these academic endeavors are usually dedicated to specific fields of law. I am positive that this year our School is really special and differs of all others. We covered all expenses of our participants that means higher expectations and requirements from them. Professors of the School this year are lawyers from leading universities in the world (Georgetown, Stanford and Berkley Universities, for example). It was a challenge to put them all together in one place but excellent faculty is our goal and we reached it. We are proud that students from leading Russian universities apply for our School and the geography of the School is getting wider every year. It means that the content of our classes is unique, and students are ready to go the western part of Russia for our courses and professors. I think that organizing an event of such level is very important for the university – it allows the IKBFU to become the unique platform for meeting of very high level experts».

Jay Finkelstein, Partner of one the world leading law firms - DLA Piper LLP, adjunct professor at Universities of Georgetown, Stanford and Berkley (USA) about the students of the School:

«Russian students are very hard working. Being so young they are really interested in getting new knowledge, actively participate in all discussions despite the pretty tuff schedule of classes… I liked the organization of the classes the way that the students could get as much information as possible participating in lectures and practical seminars… I am very happy I was invited by the University to come and work with so talented students… And, yes! I will be glad to come and teach at the School again if you invite me!».

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