Research at IKBFU

The University conducts research in 36 major research fields. Over the last 5 years, research funding has increased 6.5-fold. More than 140 research themes were developed in 2013 with a total funding of more 180 m roubles. More than a half of these themes focus on applied studies in natural and exact sciences.

140 postdoctoral and 500 doctoral students, young scientists, graduate and undergraduate students contribute to the University's research activities.

The University trains highly qualified staff - doctoral and postdoctoral students. Over 600 students are undertaking their doctoral studies at IKBFU.

The University offers 5 postdoctoral programmes. There are several doctoral and postdoctoral thesis panels in IKBFU. Young people are increasingly engaged in research: many doctoral students and young teachers have received grants from Russian and international research foundations.

Research results are published in the leading national and international research journals. A system of incentives for university employees publishing articles in the Scopus and Web of Science-indexed journals were introduced at the beginning of 2013. By the end of 2013, the number of research articles published in the leading scientific periodicals is expected to increase by 50% in comparison with 2011 and 2012 figures.

In 2008-2011, IKBFU scholars published 150 monographs, more than 400 course books and teaching materials, and more than 2,500 research articles. The University Press publishes scientific journals included in the list of Russia's High Attestation Commission - IKBFU's Vestnik (in all research fields), Kantovsky Sbornik, and The Baltic Region (published in collaboration with Saint Petersburg University in Russian and English).

As a result of restructuring, the following research institutions were created at IKBFU:

  • Science Park
  • Research Institute for Applied Informatics and Mathematical Geophysics;
  • Baltic Studies Institute.

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