Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Age-related Changes in the Molecular Organisation of the Brain

General Information

Scientific adviser: Philipp Khaitovich, professor at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, China, Skoltech Full Professor (Center for Data-Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology), professor at SLS IKBFU.

Research Agenda:

  • Molecular mechanisms of human longevity and aging.

  • Molecular basis of human-specific cognition.

  • General principles of regulatory evolution with a focus on humans and closely related primate species.

Schedule of Meetings:

November 17-18, 2016

February 13-14, 2017

April 3-4, 2017

June 5-6, 2017

Guest lecturers
  1. Mazunin I.O., associate professor, Head of Laboratory of molecular genetic technologies;

  2. Patrushev M.V., director SLS;

  3. Sofronova Y.K., third year post-graduate student;

  4. Chupahin E.G., second year post-graduate student;

  5. Lunev E.G., second year graduate student (MS);

  6. Currently Advised students: Vasiliev R., Tretyakov E.