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Laboratory for Molecular Genetics Technologies

General information

The laboratory does research into the role of mitochondrial DNA mutations and develops methods to correct them. Mitochondrial DNA disorders are a common group of inborn errors of metabolism and diagnosis and management of patients with these defects has been a major interest of the group. The human mtDNA is a compact circular genome (16.6 kb) coding for components of the ATP-producing oxidative phosphorylation system. The contribution of the mitochondrial genome to cellular respiration, though vital, is not sufficient. Dozens of nuclear DNA (nDNA) coded proteins synthesized in the cytoplasm are imported into mitochondria and assembled with mitochondrially-synthesized proteins to form a functional oxidative phosphorylation system. Mutations of either mtDNA or nDNA have been associated with serious clinical syndromes. Organs with high energy requirements such as brain and muscles are preferentially affected. Symptoms include seizures, strokes, muscle weakness, blindness, diabetes, and hearing loss. In addition to defining novel mtDNA abnormalities in patients with mitochondrial disorders, the laboratory does research into molecular pathogenesis of these mutations and development of novel approaches to therapy.


3730 Genetic Analyzer

QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

OligoMaker ApS

Labconco FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems

Research Team

Lab head - Ilia Mazunin, PhD

Yury Ilinsky, PhD

Konstantin Orishchenko, PhD

Yuty Vyatkin, MS

Natalia Vereshchagina, MS, PhD-student

Julia Sofronova, MS, PhD-student

Eugene Chupakhin, PhD-student

Anastasy Shevtsova, MS


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