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The main symbols of the University, shown in its logo, are a sea wave and a bridge. The Kaliningrad region is developing as one of Russia's zones of integration into the European sociocultural space. The region bridges economy, politics, culture, education and science of Russia and the European Union.

The rising sea wave symbolises the coastal location of the University, its progress and sustainable development. The wave creates the image of university life as a vast space of knowledge and constant striving for sociocultural understanding in the Baltic Sea region - one of the most successful macroregions in the world, which brings together countries with the highest global competitiveness ranking.

A symbol of connection and integration, the bridge represents increasing academic mobility and promotion of Russian higher education and innovative technologies abroad, offering the benefits of both European and Russian academic traditions.

The bridge also shows a historical tie between the once-famous Albertina University and the University of today.

In the mid-XVIIIth century, mathematician Leonhard Euler formulated the classical
problem of Seven Bridges of Konigsberg. This puzzle asks whether there
is a continuous walk that crosses each of the seven bridges of Koningsberg only once.

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