27 September 2018

The International Advisory Council had its third meeting on September 20-21

The Council was formed in September 2016 to provide independent strategic advice, challenge and support to the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, particularly on the strategy, internationalisation, quality, international standing and industrial relevance of education and research of IKBFU.
14 September 2018

BFU Scientists Together with Turkish Colleagues Suggested a New Method for Detecting Dangerous Nitrogen-Containing Liquids

A team of researchers from the Institute of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Information Technologies of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (BFU) together with their colleagues from Gebze Technical University used the nuclear magnetic resonance method to detect toxic and flammable nitrogen-containing liquids. The article was published in the Chemical Physics journal.
24 August 2018

IKBFU trains experts for unique Megascience facilities

IKBFU researchers will take a step into the future, educating a generation of young scientists who are able to work with conceptually new specific sources of X-ray radiation - 4th generation synchrotrons that are unparalleled in the world. According to the decrees of the RF President, it is planned to implement international scientific mega-projects soon, including 2 new Megascience facilities.
21 August 2018

Scientists from IKBFU Discovered the Influence of Brief Diet Change on the Gut Microbiota

A team of scientists from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University took part in a large-scale study to discover the processes in the gut microbiota under the influence of a brief diet change. The results of the study showed that after two weeks of balanced diet the content of microorganisms in the gut microbiota changes considerably. The results of the study were published in the Nutrients journal.
12 July 2018

Football Fans from Marocco Become IKBFU Students

IKBFU admission campaign is in full swing. The University admission department offers applicants from all over the country and abroad a wide choice of education programmes of different levels: bachelor, master, postgraduate and secondary vocational education.
4 July 2018

Australian physicist lectures for undergraduates of the program "Functional nanomaterials"

Professor of Sydney University of Technology (Australia) Mikhail Lapin arrived at the invitation of IKBFU to give a course of lectures for undergraduates of the English-language program in Functional nanomaterials. Mikhail Lapin graduated from the Physics Department of Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in 1997 and initially worked in the field of biophysics and biochemistry. Since 2001, the scientist has been investigating the latest artificial materials: "metamaterials."

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