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7 October 2019

Anton Timkin: following the example of IKBFU, more than 100 modern skills educational centers for children will be opened all over Russia

Science centers for children will be opened all over Russia by 2024 as a part of the “Education” national project. Children will have an opportunity to study IT, Engineering, Medicine, Pedagogy and many more specializations that are in demand.  The deputy director of the Federal Foundation for new forms of educational development, Anton Timkin is presuming that there will be more than 100 centers devoted to this task.
7 October 2019

IKBFU holds orientation week for Indian freshmen

The first week of October was under the Indian flag at the IKBFU. There are 46 freshmen students visiting Russia for the first time to study at “Medicine” program. The program is taught in English. Maximum support and attention were delivered to the students by the Department for Student Support and the International Department of the IKBFU.
4 October 2019

IKBFU scientist told what antibiotics are becoming ineffective

When it comes to treating communicable diseases, antibiotics are one of the most effective means. But when being used to treat any infection and the fact that it is possible to buy medicine without a prescription has led to their uncontrolled use and, as a result, bacteria developed antibiotic resistance (immunity).
Those antimicrobial drugs that earlier could be used for treating any infection are not as effective now.  
3 October 2019

A post-graduate student from IKBFU has presented results on MAX-Phases research at an international conference on magnetism in Sweden

A post-graduate from IKBFU’s Magnetic materials laboratory Kiril Sobolev has delivered a report at the international conference on magnetism “Joint European Magnetic Symposia JEMS 2019”. The conference took place from 26th to 31st of August at the University of Uppsala (Sweden). World top scientists in the magnet materials research field took part at the conference.
30 September 2019

“Coherent X-ray optics for MegaScience class plants” center researchers have presented research results on X-Ray reflective optics and it’s applications at an international seminar

“Coherent X-ray optics for MegaScience class plants” center researchers have taken part at the 9th international seminar “Waves in inhomogeneous media and integrable system”. The seminar has taken place on 23-25th of September at the IKBFU. Scientists Dmitriy Zverev, Ivan Lyatun and Anton Narikovich have presented three reports devoted to making and researching X-Ray reflective optics and it’s applications in research and practical fields.

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