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6 April 2020

It’s happened before, it’ll happen again

The masks made by the IKBFU scientists caused a great stir among the people of the region, but there is also a fair amount of questions regarding their safety and functionality. And we are about to answer those questions.
27 March 2020

“We have no choice but to endure it” IKBFU immunologist answered frequently asked coronavirus-related questions

The coronavirus has been making the news for quite a while already. The world has united to counter the disease and new precaution measures are being developed on a daily basis. All these will help to counter the infection and end the pandemic. Andrey Goncharov, Deputy Director for Science of the IKBFU Medical Institute, PhD in Medicine and a member of the Scientific Union for Immunologists answered questions.
10 March 2020

IKBFU Physicists keep improving “smart” composites for biomedical sensors

IKBFU Physicists have successfully tested the new magnetic microwire-based concept of “smart” composites production.  The new composites are related to the multiferroic-class materials which have mutually controlled magnetic and electric properties. The effects observed in the compositions are considered to be a perspective platform for creating new devices from energy converters to highly sensitive sensors.
5 March 2020

Using holograms helps in studying the quality of composite materials

Composite materials have a complicated structure and specified mechanical or physical properties. The materials are used in various spheres of the industry: from medicine to aviation and due to it they are of high demand. However, there is a problem in the quality control of such materials.
3 March 2020

The IKBFU scientists created the first diamond x-ray micro lens

After the synchrotrons of the fourth generation were invented (these are particle accelerators, which are, in fact, giant research facilities), there was an urgent need for a fundamentally new optics that could withstand high temperatures and radiation loads created by a powerful x-ray stream

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