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Brain activity is taken into account when planning the new Campus

Brain activity is taken into account when planning the new Campus
12 March 2020

IKBFU has presented the new Campus construction plan that will be built on Nevskogo st.

It is planned to build new academic buildings, dormitories, a new library and a new history museum. The construction will take four years.

Also, a new biomedical cluster will be built on the Campus. The cluster will have a training center, a library, laboratories, classes, engineering sector, and a culture and education center. A park is also planned for construction on the Campus’ territory. Shops and cafes are located nearby.


The project states that the main principle of campus design will be the emphasis on interaction and communication. According to the concept of architects, a large number of “traffic intersection” places will be created on the Campus so that people could interact and communicate with each other. They promise to make the building forms smooth, without sharp corners, and the facades are “very clear, smooth, flatforms."

IKBFU Rector, Alexander Fedorov said:

“We expect all buildings and facilities operational by 2024. Otherwise, a complex crisis may occur making impossible to work at the university, because even today we are lacking space for hosting students as well as for educational purposes. We have already calculated the project’s cost and now we are the process of negotiations is ongoing between the IKBFU, Gazprom, the “Major Financial Development Institution of the Russian Federation” and our founder. We are looking for ways to lower the project’s cost now: by using different materials or changing spatial solutions. We are building a Campus for a comfortable life and study, avoiding cell-like rooms”

Head of the “Neuroarchitecture” company, Nikita Otrishko:

“Our company is called “Neuroarchitecture” for reason, as it shows the approach we use in construction. We make our projects based on how the human brain works. And the brain operates on three main principles: reptile, reflective and rational. Taking this knowledge into account we build an environment suitable for certain goals. With the IKBFU Campus we, first and foremost discuss the new age educational environment, which means creating places where people can see everyone around them but remain unseen and reversed, places, where people have to interact. We, certainly, won’t let someone always “stay hidden”, because in this case, it will stall a person’s development”

We remind that the IKBFU will open five new dormitories in 2021, with each one suitable for hosting 140 people. The students may live in duos or trios with all the facilities in a room.

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