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IKBFU students have won an International student Olympics on the Russian language and literature

IKBFU students have won an International student Olympics on the Russian language and literature
15 October 2019

Moscow State Pedagogical University has held the Olympics on the Russian language and literature fro, 10 to 13 of October.

The Olympics is organized annually by Moscow State Pedagogical University (The Russian Federation) in cooperation with L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University (the Republic of Kazakstan) ad a part of traditional All-Russian conference of young scientists in Philology “Philological science in XXI century. View of the young people”.

The conference was divided into three sections: the Russian language and literature as culture-forming and culture-keeping phenomena; the literature in context of other arts; stylistic variety of art and public speech; the history of language, literature - the history of culture.


The following students of the Institute of Humanitarian Sciences have taken part in the conference: Ringite Alexandra, Kazakova Maria, Verbitskaya Varvara, Nikitina Yulia, Gorbunov Yegor. Competitive events were held in the following categories: writing an essay on a proposed topic based on a literary work or fragment of a work; performance of a work of art; performance on the theme “Soul and the Russian word” (based on impressions from excursions in the literary museums of Moscow; the contest “Performance of a work” was held in the format of a combined concert, where the order of performances was determined by drawing lots.


Mishkina Elzaveta has won in “performance of work” section. In the section “Soul and the Russian word” Ringite Alexandra and Nikitina Yulia were awarded with II rank diplomas. Professor of the Institute of Humanitarian Sciences, Kuzennaya Tatiana Fedorovna has helped the students to prepare for the contest.

Mishkina Elizaveta said:

“I was very worried because I have never participated in a contest. Also, there were 10 students of Gnesinikng Academy of Music and Shnitke Moscow Music Institute participating in the contest and a professor from the Academy was the chairman of the jury. That’s why I was surprised that I won”.

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