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“Confidence-building”. Finnish Consul General in St. Petersburg has held a conference for IKBFU students

“Confidence-building”.  Finnish Consul General in St. Petersburg has held a conference for IKBFU students
9 October 2019

On the 9th of October Finnish Consul General Anne Lammila has visited the IKBFU. During the meeting, the Consul told the students about Finland, its educational system and how important confidence is for the people of Finland.

Efim Fidrya, Acting Vice-rector for Social Communications of the IKBFU:

“Finland and Russia are neighboring states and Finnish universities are reliable partners of our university. Finland is a country of a very interesting culture and of unique ways of social organization. It is important that our students may know more about Finland and ask questions about it”


In her welcoming speech, Mrs. Anne Lammila noted, that she represents the interests of her country not only in St. Petersburg but also in Kaliningrad since December 2018.

“I’d like to tell about a matter that is being frequently ignored in politics. I’d like to iterate a bit about happiness. For already two years Finland had been rated first in the UN rating of the happiest world countries. There were 156 countries rated. The citizens of the countries were offered to rate their happiness from 1 to 10. Also, there were some other indicators: trust in government, GDP per capita, generosity of the people, how complicated it is to get social support, and freedom of making decisions. The key role was granted to the trust into social institutions, the system of the law. But what is even more important, is how much the Finnish people trust each other. 85% of people said that they trust the person next door”

Students from the Institute of Humanities, the Law Institute and the Institute of Education asked questions to the Consul General. The students were interested in the Finnish system of Education, opportunities for student exchange, migration policy regarding refugees and also the question of how could it be that the country with the highest level of happiness might be rated one of the first countries in number of suicide.

Anne Lammila said:

“Our country actively counters this horrible tendency. We are trying to identify this problem as early as possible. Psychologists and teachers work with children to avoid the moment of crisis”


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