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Marine Research Centre: Scientific and Educational Institutions of Kaliningrad Region Unite around Sea Research

28 December 2018
On December 25, 2018, there was made a proposal to establish a scientific and educational centre for marine research at the meeting of the Kaliningrad Regional Council of Rectors.


Prof. Dr Andrei Klemeshev, Rector of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University:

I appeal to the Kaliningrad Regional Council of Rectors with a proposal to create a maritime consortium in Kaliningrad. That could be a Marine Science and Education Centre. Kaliningrad is a coastal city, in which significant human and infrastructural resources, related to the maritime sphere, are concentrated. We have several research institutions, a specialized university, a naval institute, a unique Museum of the World Ocean and a research fleet. So we have everything to start working at this direction. Moreover, the consortium will allow us creating a strong collaboration between universities of the Kaliningrad Region, research, public and cultural institutions.


Svetlana Sivkova, Director general of the Museum of the World Ocean:

I am very interested in the proposal of Prof. Dr Andrei Klemeshev. Indeed, we have a powerful maritime infrastructure, primarily meaning our research fleet - the bark "Sedov", the bark "Krusenstern", the scientific-research vessel "Academician Ioffe" and many others. Our museum is currently building a centre "Planet-Ocean", which will become a real hallmark of the marine, natural and cultural heritage in our country. Therefore, there is a great basis for creating the consortium. It is important that we talk about the collaboration.


Ilya Barinov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region:

I like this idea and I also think that this is a good suggestion. However, in order to understand what kind of collaboration is worth our attention, it is necessary to formulate goals and objectives clearly and to prescribe a business plan, which will help us to clarify who is responsible for what in our joint work. Once this is done, we will understand what form of cooperation is needed here.

The Kaliningrad Regional Council of Rectors has decided to continue a more detailed discussion of the creating the centre for marine research at further meetings.

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