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International New Year at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University: Chinese Songs, Zambian Rap and Indian Dances (photo gallery)

19 December 2018
On December 14, 2018, an international New Year party was organised at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Students from Russia, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe gathered to give a New Year’s Concert. It was the first time students from Kaliningrad State Technical University and cadets from the Baltic Naval Academy had participated in the event.

International students organised a New Year's Fair, different competitions and exchanged presents.  The event began with an international fair, master classes,  quizzes and dances. Guests of the University learned a lot about cultures and New Year’s traditions of different nations of the world. 


Chen Li, a student from China, began the concert with a song.
Sonali Sordar, a student from India, performed a dance, in which  Indian national rhythms were combined with elements of Western dance.
Joshua (Zambia) and Sechi (Congo), students from Kaliningrad State Technical University, presented the audience a musical number, in which they showed how the lyrical experience can coexist with the brutal street rap.
Camila and Joshua, students from Colombia, performed a song.

Dr Efim Fidrya, Vice-Rector for Social Communications of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, awarded the winners of the performance.

Dr Efim Fidrya, Vice-Rector for Social Communications (IKBFU):

We are  very  much impressed with the talents of our students.  We are going to maintain this tradition in the future.


International students also shared their impressions of the concert.

T. Paulu, a student from Ecuador:

I was pleased to perform on the stage of your University today.
It is so nice that the IKBFU organises such events!


Sonali Sordar, a student from India:

I am happy to take part in such a wonderful concert. I performed a traditional Indian dance that is called Lavani. Since the New Year is a unifying holiday, I have been dancing to the music of both Western and Eastern composers.

At the end of the concert, representatives of the administration of the IKBFU sang a song for all international students of the University.


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