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Physicists from IKBFU Found a Correlation Between Structure and Magnetic Properties of a Promising Ceramic Material

6 December 2018
Physicists from the Centre of Nanomaterials Research of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) together with an international scientific group studied a correlation between the structure of ceramic materials based on bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) and their magnetic properties. In their study, the researchers justified the obtained results theoretically and determined the factors that affect the structural evolution of materials and changes in their magnetic behavior. The study will help create new ceramic materials with given properties. The article of the researchers was published in the Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids.

Vadim Sikolenko, a co-author of the study, Senior Researcher at the Centre of Nanomaterials Research (IKBFU):

We’ve demonstrated that the magnetic properties of bismuth ferrite-based materials are, to a great extent, determined by structural distortions caused by substitutions, lattice defects, and the nature of exchange interaction between the atoms of iron, oxygen, and the transitional metal.

The study had been carried out in collaboration with the researchers from the MIET National Research University, Science and Practical Center for Material Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, University of Coimbra (Portugal) and University of Lodz (Poland).

Картинка 1. Сиколенко.png

Fig. 1. The image of the electronic microscope shows the coexistence of two multiferroic phases: a rhombohedral and an orthorhombic one. On the right side of the image: the calculated Fourier density of electronic states for each of the two phases at different temperatures (the image has been taken at room temperature).

Courtesy of Vadim Sikolenko.

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