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Researchers from Kaliningrad in Collaboration with Lithuanian Colleagues Develop Anti-cancer Drugs

4 December 2018
In late November, 2018, Dr Adas Darinskas, a researcher from the Institute of Biotechnology of Vilnius University visited the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. His interests include genetics, molecular and cellular biology.

Adas Darinskas is an acknowledged expert on such scientific fields as stem cells, bioengineering, genetics, immunology and microbiology.

His researches are focused on personalized cell therapy and testing of polymeric materials for the synthesis of artificial tissues that can be used in bioengineering. In addition, the studies of the Laboratory of Immunology and Cell Biotechnology, where Adas Darinskas works, are devoted to the treatment of malignant tumors. There are used vaccines based on dendritic cells, Natural killer cells (NK cells) and immunotherapy, where heterologous vaccines are used in the experiments of the study.


Dr Adas Darinskas, the researcher from the Institute of the Biotechnology (Vilnius University):

Five years ago, together with our colleagues from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University we started working on several projects that focused on anti-cancer vaccines. I am pleased to collaborate with the FABRIKA Science and Technology Park (IKBFU) as it has the latest equipment and highly professional staff. I am convinced that together we can achieve better results than separately. The studies on genetics are carried out in Vilnius, and the studies on stem cells are conducted in Kaliningrad, as the IKBFU has the needed resources for this. The final product of the researches will have to go into pre-clinical and clinical testing.

Our quest from Lithuania has already presented his report at the Baltic Symposium on Immunology and Molecular Regenerative Medicine. Dr Adas Darinskas stated that, in two or three years, the scientists from Kaliningrad and Vilnius can develop an anti-cancer drug based on autologous stem cells. This drug will be synthesized for each individual patient.


Background information

According to Scopus, the results of the researches of Dr Adas Darinskas are published in the world famous biomedical journals – Vaccine, Biofabrication, Oncology Reports, FEBS Journal and Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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