Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Prepares for the Visit of the International Accreditation Committee from China

14 November 2018

The International Accreditation Committee from China will visit the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University on November 20, 2018. For three days, experts will be assessing the quality of several master’s study programmes in two clusters: "Philology" and "Physics". The public accreditation of the study programmes  is not a formal quality assurance procedure. It is aimed at a further perfection of education and training, meeting the needs of the labour market, employers and students.

The Committee experts were appointed by the  Higher Education Evaluation Centre of the People’s Republic of China:

Dr Sun Chao, Professor of Heilongjiang International University, Dean of the School of Russian Language, Member of the Russian-Chinese Literary Society; 
Dr Li Jiangang, Professor of Shandong University of Technology, Deputy Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, Head of the Russian Language Department;
Dr Wu Xiaoshan, Professor of Nanjing University, Deputy Dean of the School of Physics, Member of the Chinese Physical Society;
Dr Zhao Fuli, Professor of the Sun Yat-sen University,  Professor of the School of Physics, Deputy Dean of the Research Institute for Higher Education, Executive Director of the Optical Society (Guangdong province).

The Committee, which is already working on the self-assessment reports, will have a series of meeting with the IKBFU senior administration, directors of the IKBFU institutes, professors, students, graduates and employers in order to assess the two chosen study programmes:  the quality of education, employment and the University's contacts with employers as well as the study conditions,  access to education, information and research resources. 

Dr Irina Kuksa, the First Vice-Rector – Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs (IKBFU): 

We see the International Public Accreditation as an independent quality assurance procedure. It involves less paperwork and more real processes analysis. The international experts will have a number of meetings with the main target groups and key stakeholders. 


The visit of the International Public Accreditation Committee from China is a second step to the international accreditation of the IKBFU study programmes. In October 2015, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University became the first Russian university that  had been accredited by experts from the People’s Republic of China. During their previous visit, the experts worked in 4 committees and headed the expert groups. Dr Wu Yang, head of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, observed the accreditation. He noted that the IKBFU specialists demonstrated their professionalism and total dedication to their work, as well as thorough preparation and perfect logistics. 


“We have found out that the Chinese people are very interested in Russian education judging by the results of the IKBFU participation in the largest educational exhibition “China Education Expo” in Beijing, in October, 2018,” emphasized Irina Kuksa. “The development of cooperation in science and education between Russia and China is in the focus of attention of the Russian Federation. The University is developing its strategy in the same direction. We are looking forward to joint work with our colleagues and partners from China.”


To date, 6 students from China study at the IKBFU. They entered the University in  August, 2018.  Two of them enrolled in the framework of the  programme of the Russian Federation aimed at attracting international students to Russian universities.

Irina Kuksa, the First Vice-Rector – Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs (IKBFU):

 For accreditation, we have chosen two clusters, which are most interesting for students from the People’s Republic of China. Firstly, it is the Russian language, as  this language is popular in China. Secondly, it is functional nanomaterials, a study programme taught  in English.  We are also planning to accredit the General Medicine study programme and a number of other  programmes in the humanities. We are introducing Chinese as a foreign language and hope that our cooperation is mutually beneficial”.

The International Accreditation Committee from China will prepare a report, which will have a decisive importance for the accredited study programmes of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

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