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«Scientific World Gets Strengthened through International Communication»: IKBFU Physicists Are Going to Develop Toxicity Tests Designed in Spain

9 October 2018
Montserrat Rivas, a professor from University of Oviedo (Spain), has visited IKBFU to discuss the cooperation prospects. For over two weeks the researcher and the staff of the IKBFU New Magnetic Materials Laboratory have been exchanging their research experience and discussed the joint work areas. Moreover, Montserrat Rivas has given two lectures on biomedical applications of magnetic materials and methods to the Master students of the “Functional nanomaterials” program.


Professor Montserrat Rivas works on bio-applications of magnetic nanoparticles, which identify toxicity in tests and measure some indicators of human health condition.

“In particular, we are talking about biomarkers for the cardiac therapy and about the early cancer diagnostics”, Montserrat Rivas said.

The main principle of such tests is similar to pregnancy test. They can become available for every-day household or industrial application and have a wide spectrum of practical usage.

“The mission of the scientist is not only a scientific discovery but also the dissemination of knowledge for further progress,” stated Montserrat Rivas.


She also noted that a new project of the IKBFU New Magnetic Materials Laboratory is aimed at improving the test efficiency. Valeria Rodionova, the head of the IKBFU New Magnetic Materials Laboratory, sees it as another reason to develop mutual interest between the two Universities.


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