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The International Advisory Council Had Its Third Meeting on September 20-21

27 September 2018

The International Advisory Council had its third meeting on September 20-21, 2018.  

The Council was formed in September 2016 to provide independent strategic advice, challenge and support to the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, particularly on the strategy, internationalisation, quality, international standing and industrial relevance of education and research of IKBFU.



The Council consists of a cross-section of internationally recognised experts representing academia and research institutions. All members of the Council have a high-level strategic appreciation of the importance of international collaboration in education and research. During the two years, members of the Council have been monitoring the development of the University. They have assessed the quality of IKBFU degree programmes and research  against international benchmarks. The Council has also provided advice and detailed input into the University strategy and its implementation.


During the meeting, the Council members took time to discuss in detail the development of the University institutes paying particular attention to collaboration between the institutes, interdisciplinarity, HR and recruitment policies.  

Noting the importance of such meetings, Dr. Andrei Kaprin, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director General of the NMI of Radiology, Russian Ministry of Health, noted:

Meetings of this kind are extremely useful. We cannot rely only on our own expertise; you need to see what is going on around us, what our colleagues from other countries are doing. I am sure that our critical remarks (by the way, there were few) proved to be useful to the senior management of the University. I am delighted with the progress that IKBFU has been making.



On the second day of the meeting, members of the International Advisory Council and Irina Kuksa, First Vice-Rector of IKBFU discussed the University education policy:

For higher education in general and our University in particular, one of the most challenging issues is to find the answer to the question who and for whom we train specialists. Another important issue is how to teach. On the one hand, the market requires specialists with certain knowledge, competences and skills. On the other hand, many professions rapidly become obsolete, and new ones appear. This is a very serious challenge we have to respond.  IKBFU degree programmes are being constantly updated; they have become more flexible, meeting the requirements of the time.


The International Advisory Council has become a very powerful and effective influence in the University making significant input into all spheres of IKBFU activity and guiding its future direction.


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