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Press Release: IKBFU Researchers of Economic Geography Presented Data on the Dynamics of the European Regional Development

28 August 2018
An analysis of the dynamics of the socioeconomic development of 413 European regions, including the subjects of the European part of Russia, made it possible to identify a number of patterns in the development of border, coastal and inland territories. The revealed specificity of regional divergence (i.e. asymmetry in the level of development of territories) in Europe allows us to reconsider the conclusions of earlier studies conducted on the global issue, the role of thalassoattractivity in the socio-economic development of coastal regions.
In particular, the University scientists have proved that the economic attractiveness of the European coastal regions is directly dependent on the spatial development policies implemented on their territory. The macroeconomic data will make it possible to increase the effectiveness of the principles of territorially-adaptive regional policy, taking into account not only the features of the public systems of regions, their territorial capital, but also the mutual influence of the adjacent territories.
The research results were published in the article "Geospatial dataset for analyzing socio-economic regional divergence of the European regions. The research was carried out within the framework of the RFBR project implementation 18-010-00015 Models, effects, strategies and mechanisms for including Western Russia in the system of "horizontal" interregional economic relations in the context of the formation of "Great Eurasia"


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