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IKBFU physicists: the future of the universe can be much more catastrophic and unpredictable

28 August 2018
IKBFU physicists studied one of the most likely mathematical models of dark energy, and found that the future of our universe can be much more unpredictable and catastrophic than previously thought.
In June 2018, IKBFU physicists Professor A.V. Yurov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, as well as Associate Professor A.V. Astashenok , Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, PhD in mathematics (USA) and V.A. Yurov , PhD in Physics and Mathematics, published the article "The cosmological models with jump discontinuities (Cosmological models with points of discontinuity of the first kind )" in a prestigious scientific journal"The European Physical Journal C".
The jouranl’s impact factor is 5.2, this indicator is higher than that of the Physical Reveiw D, the oldest scientific journal on this issue. Such a publication in a highly rated journal is a sign of the quality of research.


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