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IKBFU Research Fellow defended a thesis on pathological physiology

4 July 2018
Natalia Todosenko, IKBFU Research Fellow successfully defended a thesis on "Reactions of T-lymphocytes to glucocorticoids in vitro in patients with rheumatoid arthritis" in the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg on May, 15. The future PhD in Biology studies the reactions of cells in rheumatoid arthritis patients to synthetic analogues of glucocorticoid hormones. The results of the research work will help in developing new methods of selective suppression of aggressive cells with a high proinflammatory potential in autoimmune diseases, including those that help to avoid relapse of the disease.


 The results of the research were published in Russian journals indexed in the international databases like Scopus, WoS, NSBI. One of the latest papers was published in "Pathological physiology and experimental therapy", a highly reputed scientific journal.

The research advisor of the thesis is the head of the IKBFU Basic Laboratory of Immunology and Cell Biotechnologies, Doctor of Medicine, Larisa Litvinova. According to Natalia Todosenko, a series of experimentsl on the reactions of T-lymphocytes in patients with autoimmune diseases on glucocorticoids was carried out jointly.

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