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IKBFU physicists brought the accelerator of charged particles to 90% of its design capacity

4 July 2018
Research team of the Ion-beam technology sector of the “Fabrika” Science and Technology Park reports on bringing the accelerator of charged particles to 90% of design capacity. The launch of the accelerator complex began in early 2016. The analytical line (RBS), one of the two standard ones, was put into operation, the first specimen of the studied material was obtained.

Alexander Goikhman, Director of REC "Functional nanomaterials":
"We are pleased to announce that after 2.5 years of hard work we have managed to assemble, modernize and start a facility that has no analogues in the region, in Russia today there is only one such center in Obninsk, near Moscow.


According to Alexander Goikhman, the accelerator complex is multifunctional: "It is easy to organize educational courses on radiation safety and the basics of working with a stream of charged particles, which is of particular interest in the light of plans to launch a PET CT center in Kaliningrad. The complex makes it possible to develop specific highly pure isotopes for 18F positron emission tomography. Today the methods have already been launched.


As Alexander Goichman points out, now the accelerator is to be included in all research and applied projects of REC "Functional nanomaterials". There is a lot of work to set up new methods. However, the scientific leader of the Accelerating Complex Vadim Sikolenko published 7 articles in the last year, including in the first quarter (Q1).

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