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IKBFU researchers create new composite materials

23 May 2018
The researchers of the IKBFU Laboratory of New Magnetic Materials, together with the Department of Magnetism of the Physics Department of the M. Lomonosov Moscow State University developed and studied a new composite material based on ferroelectric and ferromagnetic particles in a polymer matrix.

The team has discovered an elastic interaction between particles of different nature, which is responsible for the interconnection of two types of material properties: magnetic and electrical. Materials with such properties are of particular interest for modern industry and medicine and belong to the class of smart materials. The results of the work were published in two international journals: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials and IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Now the work is under way to improve properties and to identify biomedical applications of new materials.

Also, the laboratory of new magnetic materials is engaged in manufacturing and researching the properties of nanoparticles together with scientists from Italy and Norway. Based on the results of these works, an article was published in the prestigious international Nanotechnology journal. As the authors of the article point, the nanoparticles under study are of particular interest in biomedical applications as MRI contrast agents and drug carriers.

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