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The X-ray Optics Laboratory successfully presented the results of research at the International Optical Congress in Japan

23 May 2018
The researchers of the IKBFU Laboratory of X-ray Optics and Physical Materials Science took part in the international congress on optics and photonics (OPIC-2018). The Congress was held on April 23 - 27, 2018 in Yokohama, Japan. OPIC is one of the largest and most prestigious scientific events in the world, demonstrating the latest optical technologies.

The OPIC Congress was held for the seventh time together with the well-known OPIE-2018 integrated optics and photonics exhibition, where the latest achievements of the optical and optoelectronic industry as well as the industry of precision micromechanics were presented.

The greatest scientific attention was paid to the latest achievements in the field of X-ray optics, which were demonstrated at the specialized conference XOPT-2018. One of the important topics discussed at the conference was the contribution of modern X-ray optics to the development of free-electron lasers and new diffraction-limited sources of synchrotron radiation, which are currently under construction. Most recently Russia decided to build two new sources of synchrotron radiation in the Moscow and Novosibirsk regions. In this regard, the participation of Russian scientists in international fora related to MEGASIENCE facilities application is extremely important for the development of a solid scientific infrastructure in Russia.

Head of the IKBFU Laboratory of X-ray Optics and Physical Materials Science Anatoly Snigirev gave two presentations at the congress. The first report was devoted to breakthrough results and topical applications in the field of refractive optics for new sources of synchrotron radiation. The second one presented the work on X-ray phase contrast microscopy based on refractive optics. In addition, six poster presentations demostrated the most important achievemnts of the IKBFU Laboratory of X-ray optics.

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