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Press-release: IKBFU researchers proved that sea basins should act as new benchmarks in cross-border cooperation programs

23 May 2018
Modern programs of cross-border cooperation in Europe should be comprehensive, and be structured around marine basins. It was the conclusion of IKBFU team whose research results were accepted for publication in the leading foreign journal on the coastal area management (“Ocean and Coastal Management” journal, published by Elsiever, Great Britain).

Andrei Mikhailov, Anna Mikhailova and Tatyana Kuznetsova, IKBFU researchers, conducted a large-scale study of the coastal regions of Europe, including the North-Western, Central, Volga, Southern, North-Caucasian and Crimean federal districts of the Russian Federation.

Scientists managed to prove that the effect of gravitation towards the sea coasts does not have the same force for different types of regions and can be leveled by some certain factors.

IKBFU researchers substantiated the need for a special integrated support for coastal border regions.

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