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International stem cell symposium held at IKBFU

8 May 2018
On April 20, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University hosted the Current Stem Cell Therapy and Technology international symposium.

The event was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the discovery of stem cells by the German Professor Franz Ernst Christian Neumann who lived and worked in Königsberg, today Kaliningrad. He was the first to suggest that the bone marrow was the site of new blood cell production. Neumann’s hypothesis described in 1868 largely corresponded to the findings of the Russian researcher Aleksandr Maksimov, which were published in 1909.


Dr Roman Deev, Ryazan State Medical University:
«The symposium held at the IKBFU has colossal significance. We have to remember history, remember how technology developed and to whom we should be grateful for the knowledge we have today».


Andreas Ebert, Professor Emeritus at the IKBFU, Head of the ‘Mother and Child’ section of the Koch-Mechnikov Forum:

«Stem cell research has an enormous effect on all areas of medicine – from gynaecology and neurology to oncology. When science describes the stem cell mechanism in its entirety, medicine as we know it will change. This symposium featured very interesting presentations by Russian and German scientists. It was a great idea to hold the event in Kaliningrad, at the IKBFU».

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