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IKBFU’s immunology findings published in influential journals

17 April 2018
For five years now, the team of the IKBFU’s Centre for Medical Biotechnology has studied the effects of selected groups of cytokines on immune cells.

Cytokines – proteins that can be synthesised by immune, blood, spleen, thymus, and other cells – are responsible for communications between cells of the immune system. Synthesised cytokines transmit information through interacting with the receptors of neighbouring cells. Able to activate or abort a wide range of processes, cytokines play an important role in the treatment of tumours and autoimmune, transmissible, and allergic diseases. Studies into cytokine functions and mechanisms are at the cutting edge of today’s science.

Experts from the IKBFU’s Centre for Medical Biotechnology have published their findings in the most authoritative journals, such as International Immunopharmacology, Cellular Immunology, and Frontiers in Immunology.


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