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IKBFU Physicist Studies Materials that Can Be Used as Nano-Switches

7 February 2018
The Ceramics International, an authoritative scientific journal, has published an article written by an international team of authors, including researchers from Russia. Dr Vadim Sikolenro represented IKBFU and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The article described the results of a large-scale research project implemented by scientists from Russia, Belarus, Germany and France Dr Vadim Sikolenko.

Complex oxides of cobalt and manganese have long attracted the attention of specialists primarily due to their unusual magnet transport properties - high conductivity, a strong dependence of magnetic properties on doping by other elements. These materials are very convenient for testing various models of magnetic interactions in condensed media.

In recent years, the interest in these materials (or, if we speak the language of Physics, solid solutions) has increased dramatically because of their possible practical application, including compact magnetic nanoswitches. These are switches of incredibly small size - the size of a micron. This is a promising area that needs further research.

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