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IKBFU Researcher Gets a Grant of the Presidential Programme for Young Scientists

29 January 2018
Valeria Rodionova, Head of the Laboratory of New Magnetic Materials, the Institute of Biochemistry (IKBFU), a researcher of the Centre for Functionalized Magnetic Materials for Biomedicine and Nanotechnologies (FunMagMa) has won a grant of the Presidential Programme to support young Russian scientists. Valeria's research paper "Visualization of the stress state of a metallic vein of a ferromagnetic microwire in glass envelope" was among the best in the Physics and Astronomy part of the competition.

Valeria Rodionova, Head of the Laboratory of New Magnetic Materials:

"At the end of 2017, we managed to find a way to visualize the stress state of the metal core of the microwire. Building o this idea, we will be able to visualize the distribution of mechanical stress in the amorphous core of a microwire in glass envelope. Experimental estimates of mechanical stress and a comparative analysis of the existing theoretical models will be on our research agenda in 2018. Our research results are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the mechanisms for the formation of properties of microwires, which will ensure their more efficient use in many applications. "

Microwires are already used in modern mobile phones, tablets, sensors, automation systems of various mechanisms, etc.Now that the level of modern technologies and computing power has grown significantly, it is time to look for answers to the questions posed by many researchers and to create materials having specified properties.


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