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Two IKBFU Projects Applications Get Approval

22 January 2018
Two applications for conducting experiments submitted by the Laboratory of X-ray Optics of the Science and Technology Park FABRIKA (IKBFU) have successfully passed the selection procedure and have been approved by the European Synchrotron Radiation Centre in Grenoble (ESRF). Both project applications focus on the latest developments in the field of X-ray optics and microscopy of nano-meter resolution.

For the Laboratory of X-ray optics, the year of 2018 is a year of active research in the use of Mega-Science (class Mega-Science) equipment - the newest synchrotrons.

The first project "Investigation of new polymer lenses using the methods of X-ray poultry and microscopy" is a continuation of the successful collaboration, which began in 2017 with the Laboratory of nano-optics and metamaterials of the Department of Physics, Moscow State University, to create a new generation of polymer X-ray optics using additive technologies.

The second project "X-ray phase-contrast using a multi-lens micro-interferometer" deals with the development of a new direction of coherent x-ray optics - micro-interferometry. This direction develops in cooperation with researchers of the Institute of Problems of Microelectronics Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Chernogolovka.

Dr Anatoly Snigirev:

"For us, the result of the competition is a victory and a good New Year present. It should be noted that it was not easy to get access to such a synchrotron; there are usually five times as many applications as the ESDF could potentially accept. Lately, the situation has become even more complicated since the EUFR will be closed for maintenance and modernisation in 2018. One can easily imagine what a stir this has brought to the European scientific community, and it made the competition tougher. However, we were very lucky to win and now have a unique opportunity to do research there".

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