Russian scientists have found an easy way to get new pharmaceutical components

26 December 2017
Chemists see this world in a different way. For them, everything is complex structures assembled from molecules. Molecules are known to consist of smaller particles which are cyclic anhydrides of dicarboxylic acids. They can be used as a 'spare part' for building virtually any molecule, including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drugs.

The anhydrides of dicarboxylic acids are not so easy to obtain because the substances used to extract them often show either a low or very high activity with dehydration, which leads to undesirable consequences. For a long time, researchers have been working on developing new methods of obtaining those compounds and minimizing by-products. Now, it seems that such a method has been found. Researchers from the Institute of Living Systems, IKBFU, and their colleagues from the Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology of St. Petersburg State University proposed to isolate dicarboxylic acid compounds using oxalyl chloride (oxalic acid dichloride). The results of this research, supported by the Russian Science Foundation, were published in Tetrahedron Letters. It is difficult to overestimate the practical significance of discovering this new method for the production of anhydrides


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