Yantarenergo and IKBFU to collaborate on digital networks

19 December 2017
On December 14, the Yantarenergo energy producer and distributor held a digitalisation forum. The event was moderated by the company’s Director General Igor Makovsky and the IKBFU’s Rector Prof Andrey Klemeshev.

The IKBFU and Yantarenergo discussed prospects for collaboration on digital technology. The energy company embarked on digitalisation three years ago. The ‘Information systems and technology for energy’ education programme has been launched in close collaboration with energy specialists from the IKBFU.

Igor Makovsky

‘Digital technology is taking us to a totally new level. Electrical grids are becoming platforms for customer services rather than a mere means of transmission. Storages, small-scale generation, renewable energy sources – our grids are key to all of this. We are sure that we will attain our goals in collaboration with the University.’

Andrey Klemeshev

‘We are excited to collaborate with Yantarenergo. The digitalisation of the energy industry is an urgent problem for our region. The project is a solid piece of work. Now we need to control its implementation. Digitalisation is a must. We are concentrating our efforts in the field. ‘

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