Welcome Day at Institute of Medicine, Indian-style

3 December 2017
The IKBFU’s Institute of Medicine celebrated the Welcome Day. A concert was given to the Institute’s professors, first years and their friends and relations, and intermediate and final year students. The event was Indian-themed to honour 30 young people from Mumbai and Pune who have become the Institute’s first years. A total of 585 people were enrolled to higher and secondary medical education programmes. The Institute boasts the largest number of international students across the University. The first years come from 23 countries – Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, Colombia, Bulgaria, Armenia, and others. Members of the Institute’s largest international community, the Indian students were charged with organising the event.

Prof Andrey Klemeshev, Rector of the IKBFU

‘The launch of the Institute a little over ten years ago was an important landmark in the recent history of our University. Each Welcome Day bears witness to the success of the project.’

Prof Sergey Korenev, Director of the Institute of Medicine

‘We are excited to join the ranks of Russia’s respected and distinguished medical institutes that traditionally attract international students. Now we are making a modest contribution to medical education both in Russia and abroad.’
Сергей Коренев

Dr Amit Kamle, Head of the Educational Consultants (India) expressed his conviction that the Indian students would receive good education and that their number at the IKBFU would grow each year.

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