IKBFU to launch a centre for training early career researchers to conduct X-ray free electron laser experiments

26 October 2017
The IKBFU's Fabrika science park held a roundtable on the potential involvement of Russian scientists in projects run by the European XFEL GmbH (Hamburg, Germany). The event was part of the 30th International Symposium School on Holography, Coherent Optics, and Photonics. The discussion brought together national leaders in optical physics.

Dr Anatoly Snigirev, head of the IKBFU’s Laboratory for X-ray Optics

‘The European XFEL GmbH in Hamburg is a unique facility that doesn’t only give a peek inside the matter but also helps to observe dynamic processes… We have the expertise to propose new approaches to using the XFEL. The roundtable supported the idea of launching a centre for training early career researchers to conduct experiments using X-ray free electron lasers.’
Анатолий Снигирёв


Prof Sergey Molodtsov, Scientific Director, Member of the Management Board, European XFEL GmbH
‘Out of three lasers in Stanford, Japan, and Hamburg, ours is the most powerful. Its luminosity is 30,000 flashes per second, whereas that of the other two is 100 flashes… We are looking forward to collaborations with Russian research groups.’


Elmira Zilber
, Vice-Rector for Research, IKBFU

‘The IKBFU is committed to pursuing excellence in the project… We have everything to achieve it – a strong team of young professional led by the renowned scientist Anatoly Snigirev, great equipment, and impressive findings.’

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