Internship in IKBFU is a Difficult but Happy Time

11 August 2017
On August 4, 2017, IKBFU held a graduation ceremony for the interns of the Institute of Medicine. Nitesh Srivastava (India) was among the other 19 graduates. Nitesh is 38, he comes from a small town Basti in the north of the country, on the border with Nepal. He is not the only doctor in his family; medicine is their family traditional occupation. Unlike his other relatives, Nitesh decided to study medicine in Russia. He cannot explain the reasons for choosing Russia. It was a call of his heart. Nitesh began his medical education in 1997 in Saint-Petersburg. Nitesh recalls many challenges he faced then - language, food, climate, etc.
However, he was always supported by the people who taught him.

Having graduated from the medical institute, he moved to India together with Nadezhda, his wife and started working as an ultrasound diagnostics doctor in a maternity hospital. Tough climate conditions made the family go to Kaliningrad where Nitesh enrolled in a post-graduate course on ultrasound diagnostics.

The course was hard but extremely beneficial. It was taught by many highly qualified professionals, Dr Izranov and Dr Korenev among them.
Nitesh hopes to be employed by the Central Municipal Clinical Hospital in Kaliningrad. He is a bit apprehensive about the attitude of Russian patients to an Indian doctor. However, Nitesh sees his future only in Russia and Kaliningrad where his family lives.

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