Former PhD student of I.Kant BFU received postdoc position in the European Molecular Biology Laboratory

5 July 2017

Maxim Polikarpov, a recent PhD student of I.Kant BFU, received a postdoctoral position at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Hamburg. EMBL is a fundamental research institute that unites researchers from Europe and Australia. Its branches are located in Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain. The Hamburg branch of EMBL is a large, comprehensive laboratory located on the territory of the German synchrotron radiation complex DESY, where the laboratory has 2 stations for studying protein structures using X-rays. 

Anatoly Snigirev, Maxim’s former research advisor:

"Our team and I are very happy for Maxim, because working at EMBL is difficult, but interesting and promising. It should be noted that Maxim has always been very confident in developing his research, he started to work with the basics of X-ray physics and optics when he was a 4th year student. It helped him later to obtain very convincing results over almost 2 years of his postgraduate studies. And this is a perfect example for current students, who often doubt whether it is worth doing science, if there are any prospects, etc."

It is especially important that our joint work with Maxim continues, the thesis was only the beginning. Undoubtedly, work on diamond lenses, as a promising direction, will serve as a basis for further growth and success.  Maxim continues to be part of the team in I.Kant BFU.

At EMBL, Maxim Polikarpov will work closely with the X-ray optics laboratory of BFU's Institute of Biology and Chemistry to develop and create an X-ray microscope for studying biological objects, protein structures and microorganisms. 


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