EURIKA Competition Winners Announced

30 June 2017
On June 14, members of the EURIKA expert jury reviewed 9 applications and identified three winners of the competition, including two projects of the I. Kant Baltic Federal University. EURIKA is a regional competition of research works in the field of technology and innovation. Two projects submitted by the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University are among the winners: Hybrid Neural Interface (Dr Maxim Patrushev and Dr Natalia Shusharina, the Institute of Living Systems, IKBFU) and Nanophotonic standing wave generators for molecular biology (Dr Olga Dikaya and Dr Ksenia Maximova, Functional Nanomaterials Research Centre).
Hybrid Neural Interface project is aimed at creating a hybrid neurointerface that would enable the transmission of brain signals to mechanical structures. The neural interface consists of two major elements:
  1. portable wireless telemetry unit that registers electrophysiological parameters (electroencephalogram, electromyogram, and electrooculogram) and biometric parameters (motor activity, surface temperature, and photoplethysmogram);
  2. special software for processing data received from the interface in order to create a brain-computer interface for controlling external mechanical devices.
Максим Патрушев и Наталья Шушарина
Ксения Максимова и Ольга Дикая

Dr Natalia Shusharina:
Unfortunately, there is only one type of equipment able to help people with spinal cord injuries or other severe impairments in Russia and the CIS - the wheelchair…Exoskeletons are an effective way of rehabilitating such patients; the brain-computer interface is a more convenient and effective method of transmitting commands to the mechanical part of the skeleton in comparison with other existing analogues.
In Russia, similar technological solutions are only now being developed, while abroad there is already a separate segment of the market for brain-controlled exoskeletons. However, decoding brain signals received from the neural device for controlling external electronic-mechanical actuators is still a problem and are only now being introduced as part of the general concept of patient rehabilitation using exoskeletons.

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