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5 June 2017
The participation of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in the Russian academic excellence project “5 top 100” has changed the ambiance at the University. New languages, new cultures, new continents are hosted by the University and this is fantastic!
We are closer to internationalisation! But the first days in Russia are not always easy for foreigners and it’s clear why: the language, the climate, there are not so many expats in the country.
To feel the vibes of Russian education the Preparatory department was established at our University. The future students follow in-depth studies in Russian language and in key subjects of their future specialisation. There are the students from different countries now at our Preparatory department: from such as Mexico, Egypt, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Nepal, Bahrain, China, Ecuador, Algeria, Cameroon, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco and Poland. We met some of them and asked how do they feel both in Kaliningrad and at our University. Follow our conversation! It’s obviously in Russian :)

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