The IKBFU team came the 6th in the most prestigious competition in international law

20 April 2017
The most prestigious student competition on international law, the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, closed in Washington, the capital of the United States.
In 2017, Russia was represented by 5 teams, including the team of IKBFU’s Institute of Law. In the overall rating of memorandums, our team came the 6th out of 147 participants from all over the world. This has been the best result of Russian universities since Russia started participation in this contest!
The Philip C. Jessup Competition is a role play. It is a mock dispute between two fictional countries which is to be settled in the UN International Court of Justice. The dispute matter is announced by the organizers in advance, in September. It is formalized in the form of a special Compromis. Teams use this Compromis to work out their own memorandum – a written 9,500-word document in English.
Konstantin Pashuto, a 4-year student of the IKBFU, a member of the team:
“I have participated in this competition four times. In 2014 I was even in Washington, but back then I was only an assistant. It is a team competition. In general, the competition improves your self –confidence. Within a short time you have to process a huge amount of information, and then do everything in English. It's very stressful, but there is a good deal of professional development.”
На судебном процессе с командой из Шри-Ланки
На судебном процессе

Danyil Moshnikov, a 1-year Master student, a member of the team:
“We started our work in August, when we made up the team. And in September the hard times began: we examined documents and similar precedents, searched for statistics and etc. To participate in the national qualifying round, the memorandum was to be submitted on January 10, so we spent all the New Year holidays in the university.”
Julia Grishko, a 2-year student of the IKBFU, a member of the team:
“As a subject, International law is included only in the 4th year curriculum, so everything was new to me. Of course, I was just assistant to the others, looking for the right information, in particular about refugees and benefits. However, the experience which I gained is priceless.”
Anastasiya Turkina, a professor for the Department of European and International law, head of the European and International law Center, team coach:
“I am very grateful to the university, which financed our participation in this contest. It was made possible due to the 5-100 Project. I want to mention the second coach - Jan Yankov who is a graduate of our Institute of law.”

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