IKBFU’s PhD students participate in European Geosciences Union General Assembly

10 May 2017

On April 23 - 28, 2017, the European Geosciences Union General Assembly was held in Vienna, Austria. At the conference, 4,849 oral and 12,550 poster presentations were delivered. Approximately 15 thousand scientists from 107 countries took part in the event. Early-career scientists (under 35) comprised 53% of the participants.

Russia was represented by 307 researchers, including PhD students from the IKBFU’s Department of the Geography of the Ocean – Lubov Kuleshova, Ekaterina Ponomarenko, and Liliya Khatmullina.

Kuleshova and Ponomarenko participated in the "Benthic foraminifera as proxies to understand modern and ancient environments" session. They gave presentations on ‘The reconstruction of palaeoceanological conditions on the Rio Grande elevation (South-East Atlantic), based on the studies of benthos foraminifera complexes’ and "The distribution of benthos foraminifera in the Baltic Sea as an indicator of inflows of North Atlantic waters", respectively.

Liliya Khatmullina participated in the "Marine Pollution Assessment, Predictions, and Risk Mapping" session and gave a presentation on "Microplastic fibres in the Baltic Sea".

Lubov Kuleshova

"As part of my thesis research, I’m reconstructing the history of ocean circulation changes in the Atlantic, based on studying the shells of benthos foraminifera – unicellular marine organisms. Taking part in a conference of such importance is an excellent opportunity to get feedback from leading experts on palaeoceanology".

Ekaterina Ponomarenko

"The Assembly was a great chance to make personal contacts with world-class scientists and forge collaborations. The discussion of my work in a poster session gave me a new perspective on its relevance and possible development".

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