IKBFU’s professors and students to visit the European Innovation Academy

19 April 2017

Professors of ‘High Technology and Innovative Business Systems’ – an educational program launched in 2017 as a collaboration between the Institute of Economics and Management, the Institute of Living Systems, and the Institute of Physics, Mathematics, and Information Technology – will undertake research visits to the European Innovation Academy (Italy) as part of the Academy’s Summer School. The School will focus on the development of advanced teaching technology.

The Academy’s curriculum was developed in collaboration with the world's top universities – the University of California, Stanford University, the Ferrero Group, the University of Melbourne (Australia), Vienna University of Economics and Business, Tsinghua University – and leaders in information technology (Google, FCA).

Dr Alexander Barinov, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management:

Collaboration with the leading players in education will contribute to the IKBFU’s entrepreneurial culture and turn the University into a brand associated with a start-up ecosystem. It will also help to create new innovative ecosystem elements at the University.

At the Summer School, interdisciplinary teams will be built to put innovative projects on the market in a record time of 15 days.

One hundred mentors and speakers, including business leaders, lawyers, patent specialists, marketing specialists, engineers, and IT experts will take part in the Summer School.

Maxim Patrushev, Director of the Institute of Living Systems

The ‘High Technology and Innovative Business Systems’ programme is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to the transfer of knowledge, implementation of business ideas, and mentoring practices. All this will become an integral part of the IKBFU’s unique new programme.

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