‘Smart’ nanomaterials and neuron networks: IKBFU’s scientific projects win the Russian Science Foundation contest

22 April 2017

The Russian Science Foundation has announced the winners in the ‘Basic and team research’ contest. The Foundation has chosen to support over 850 projects.

Among them are two projects from IKBFU:

  • ‘A physical framework for the creation of microwire-based electromagnetic manipulators‘, supervised by Dr Valeria Rodionova, Head of the New Magnetic Materials laboratory, and

  • ‘Artificial intelligence in synthetic neuron cell networks’, supervised by Prof Vladimir Vanag, Director of the Centre for Nonlinear Chemistry.

Dr Valeria Rodionova:

Our project aims to solve the fundamental problems of microwire magnetization reversal and domain wall motion. Applied areas cannot develop without a clear understanding of the theory behind the studied effects and phenomena. Our plans are to create laboratory prototypes and to carry out a comparative analysis of their possible applications in biotechnology and biomedicine.

Prof Vladimir Vanaga:

Our project is at the cutting edge of research, because the laws of the functioning of coupled oscillator networks remain poorly studied. The experimental part of the research on the dynamics of small coupled oscillator networks will be based on ‘synthetic neurons’. These are microdroplets filled with the oscillating Belousov-Zhabotinsky, or BZ, reaction, which imitates spiking and excitable neurons.

According to the RSF website, over 4,000 applications were submitted. The Foundation’s Expert Council prepared more than 16,000 expert reports. The winning projects will be implemented in 2017 and 2018. This is the third contest the Foundation has organized. This year’s prize fund is 6.5 b roubles.

We wish our colleagues good luck in running the projects.

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