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27 March 2020

“We have no choice but to endure it” IKBFU immunologist answered frequently asked coronavirus-related questions

The coronavirus has been making the news for quite a while already. The world has united to counter the disease and new precaution measures are being developed on a daily basis. All these will help to counter the infection and end the pandemic. Andrey Goncharov, Deputy Director for Science of the IKBFU Medical Institute, PhD in Medicine and a member of the Scientific Union for Immunologists answered questions.
10 March 2020

IKBFU Physicists keep improving “smart” composites for biomedical sensors

IKBFU Physicists have successfully tested the new magnetic microwire-based concept of “smart” composites production.  The new composites are related to the multiferroic-class materials which have mutually controlled magnetic and electric properties. The effects observed in the compositions are considered to be a perspective platform for creating new devices from energy converters to highly sensitive sensors.
5 March 2020

Using holograms helps in studying the quality of composite materials

Composite materials have a complicated structure and specified mechanical or physical properties. The materials are used in various spheres of the industry: from medicine to aviation and due to it they are of high demand. However, there is a problem in the quality control of such materials.
3 March 2020

The IKBFU scientists created the first diamond x-ray micro lens

After the synchrotrons of the fourth generation were invented (these are particle accelerators, which are, in fact, giant research facilities), there was an urgent need for a fundamentally new optics that could withstand high temperatures and radiation loads created by a powerful x-ray stream

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