Seven and a half reasons to study at IKBFU

1. IKBFU is the largest institution of higher education in the region and one of the 9 federal universities in the Russian Federation!

2. IKBFU is the spirit of Albertina, the University where Kant, Bessel and Jacobi delivered lectures and Schiller was a student!

3. IKBFU is the environmentally friendly university – it carries out the energy saving programme and has a special parking where your bike will feel at home!

4. IKBFU is the scientific centre of the Northwest, here you can study the fundamentals of robotics and learn what the dark matter is!

5. IKBFU is the scientific and education bridge between Europe and Russia!

6. IKBFU is the platform for development of scientific, sport and creative potential, including not only laboratories and fundamental research, but also sport contests, theatre performances, and KVN festivals!

7. IKBFU is known for its unforgettable and unique atmosphere, interesting and cheerful people as well as new knowledge and unlimited opportunities!

7,5. IKBFU is the best student years!

Seven and a half reasons to come to Kaliningrad

1. Only here you can take a stroll along the Kant's island, enjoy the sight of the Cathedral, stand by the Kant's tomb thinking about perpetual peace.

2. Only here you can stroke a merry Prussian cat in the Museum "King's Gate".

3. Only here when you go to the Museum of the World Ocean you can visit the legendary scientific research vessel "Vityaz" and the unique Russian Space Agency's vessel "Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev" and after that explore the compartments of the battle submarine "B-413".

4. Only here you can visit the Amber Museum, see the model of the Amber Room and admire the luxurious amber chess.

5. Only here you can visit the perfectly preserved Fort No. 5 "King Friedrich Wilhelm III".

6. Only here you can rest from studying on the beautiful sandy beaches and dunes of the Curonian Spit - a unique corner on the planet Earth that is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

7. Only here you can have a swim in the warm Baltic Sea and sunbathe on the finest golden sand in Svetlogorsk - the largest resort on the Kaliningrad seashore.

7,5. And finally, only here you can experience all delights of the changeable Kaliningrad weather and understand the meaning of the saying: "If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes...".

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