Institute of Economics and Management

The Institute of Economics and Management traces its history to 1992, when the department of law and economics of the Kaliningrad State University opened the "Management" degree programme. In 1995, the Faculty of Economics started teaching a number of related programmes. In 2007, the Institute launched first two master’s degree programmes - "Management" and "Economics”. In 2014, the Faculty of Economics was transformed into the Institute of Economics and Management.

The main objective of the Institute nowadays is to train specialists in economics and management, seeking to cultivate theoretical competencies and practical skills relevant to economic development and gaining competitiveness in the labour market. The Institute provides the rigorous qualitative and quantitative training that modern economy now requires.

As of September 1, 2016 the Institute of Economics and Management has 600 students. The faculty includes 40 highly skilled professionals, including three full professors – doctors of sciences, 21 associate professors, PhDs, as well as senior lecturers and assistants.



Director of the Institute of Economics and Management:

Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexander Barinov

Languages: Russian, English


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