Russian Language Courses

Intensive Summer School

Intensive Summer School lasts 2 months and will give you a deep insight into the Russian grammar and vocabulary for personal and professional goals.

Terms: July 3 – August 25, 2017.

Aim: mastering   everyday Russian language, deep immersion into the Russian culture and acquaintance with the higher education system in Russia.

Study programme is adjustable to the background knowledge of participants and includes:

  • Pronunciation Enhancement;

  • Grammar and Vocabulary Advancement;

  • Communication Skills Development.

Classes cover most vital communication situations and give a deep insight into the life in Russia.

After classes you will be able to compare the historical heritage and modern features of Kaliningrad, enjoy the trip to one of the resort cities on the beautiful Baltic Seashore, as well as have a glimpse of all university study buildings, sport facilities and research institutes.

Tailored courses

There are also tailored courses, specifically designed to suit professional needs of the students: here, you can choose to follow one of our existing programs (Russian Grammar in Use, Communication and Politeness, Russian Identity and Culture, etc.) or request a course to be developed by our teachers in accordance with your specific requirements

Short-term courses

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University offers short-term and long-term courses for international students of beginner (A1) and intermediate (B1) levels.

The application is open throughout the year and classes start when there are at least 5 applicants. The course for beginners develops basic everyday skills (communication in the street, on public transport, in shops and cafes), give an overall understanding of the principles of Russian grammar and pronunciation. The course at pre-intermediate level helps establish communicative skills, improve or activate already existing knowledge of the Russian language.

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