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Degree Programmes


Programme Information

The program aims at training highly skilled professionals able  to develop original design projects, industrial designs, artistic series; carry out research on issues of their professional activities, improve the processes of creating artistic objects; organize and hold exhibitions of creative works; promote and develop innovative ideas in the field of design.

The goal of the programme is to provide good pracrical skills and knowledge necessary to compete  in the professional market.

Benefits of the programme:

Highly qualified, professional faculty with a good degree of creativity.

The courses are taught with a maximum immersion in the creative and technological aspects of the process of creating design objects. The vast amount of classroom time is devoted to practical classes and laboratory research.

Upon completing the Programme, the students will be able to:

  • set the artistic and creative tasks and propose solutions;

  • independently create  artistic images, spatial environment, series or author's collectable art objects;

  • demonstrate the skills of the composite formation, applied to different types of fine art and graphic design;

  • work with color and color compositions.

  • carry out the selection of the necessary scientific and methodological, publications;

  • bring about and develop conceptual, experimental and innovative ideas;

  • carry out pre-research in the field of design and technology, science, culture and art; 

  • plan an experimental work in technology, reflecting the current state of design and art in the field of design;

  • make sketches of design projects and models for the original design and mass production;

  • develop design projects using computer-graphics and 3D modelling and prototyping;  

  • create original technologically patentable projects of industrial design.

Programme Description

54.04.01 . Design. .

Duration of the Programme: 2 years.

Programme type: .

Language of instruction: Russian.

Institute: Institute of Recreation, Tourism and Sports.

Courses & Study Load

The  Degree programme ECTS value: 120 credits

Core courses: Communication design, modern design issues, philosophical problems of science and technology, design engineering, history and methodology of design engineering, psychology and pedagogy, drawing, painting, computer technology in design, business foreign language (English), service aspect of design engineering, information technology, calligraphy, art animation and photography, advertising media strategy and audiovisual technology in design, publishing and printing industry technologies, psychology of business communication, history and traditions of landscape design, basics of composition and color in landscape design, basics of modern landscape design, basics of management and marketing in the professional work of landscape designer, dendrological objects 

Professional Training / Internships

  • Botanical garden of I.Kant Baltic Federal University, Botanical Garden of "Kaliningrad Regional Children's and Youth Center of Ecology, Local History and Tourism"

  • Kaliningrad Art Gallery

  • Amber Museum

  • IKBFU Kaliningrad Zoological Garden

  • LLC "Publishing Piktorika"

  • "INOC" Company

Career Opportunities

The prospect area of ​​professional activity for the graduates of the degree programme can include:

creative activities related to the design of the environment, information and visual spaces, as well as relevant systems, phenomena and processes, including social, cultural spheres and humanities.

Admission & Tuition

To enter a Master's programme  applicants are  required to take the following exams:

  • Written exam  (or a test)  in the chosen field of study (100 points maximum)

  • Foreign language (a pass or fail  test)

We also accept international certificates of proficiency in English

Cambridge exam: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE; IELTS; TOEFL or

German: Goethe-Zertifikat A2, Goethe-Zertifikat Fit in Deutsch, Goethe-Zertifikat B1 / B2 , -Goethe-Zertifikat C1, Goethe-Zertifikat C2: GDS, test DaF, DSD B2 / C1, - telc A2 / B1 / C1 / C2, -ÖSD, -DSH.


Pr. Boris MIRONOV, Head of Design Department, 

Tel.  7 (4012) 595-595 (2510)

Language of the Instruction: Russian

Admissions Office

14 A. Nevskogo ul., Kaliningrad, 236041

+7 (4012) 59-55-96
fax: +7 (4012) 31-33-33