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Construction «Industrial and civil construction»

Programme Information
The program forms a general professional competence in the field of industrial and civil construction. Due to a wide and diverse training the construction engineers can easily adjust to various working condition, i.e. industrial and housing construction or research.

The goal of the programme is to train highly qualified professionals who can be competitive on the national and regional labor markets and who possess up-to-date knowledge and practical skills in construction.

Benefits of the programme:
Highly qualified, professional faculty with a good degree of creativity.
High demand for such professionals in the labor market. Practical classes are given clear priority.

On completing the programme you will be able to:
• collect and systematize information and baseline data for designing buildings, structures, facilities, transport infrastructure, engineering systems and equipment, planning and developing populated areas;
• participate in engineering surveys for the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures;
• design substantiation of construction elements of buildings and complexes, their construction with the use of general-purpose and specialized software and computer systems, and computer-aided design;
• prepare design and technical documentation in the construction and housing and utility services, register completed design work;
• ensure the compliance of the development projects and technical specification with the rules and regulations, technical specifications and other executive documents, technical and legal expertise of projects for construction, repair and reconstruction of buildings, structures and their complexes;
• prepare design and estimate documentation in construction and housing and utility services.
• use standard automation packages for design and research;
• prepare data in regulated way for further surveys, reports, research and other publications;
• prepare reports on completed work, take part in the implementation of research results and practical developments;
• test samples of construction products, work out test programmes;
• instal, adjust, test, launch and maintain facilities, engineering systems and equipment of buildings, objects of housing and utility services;
• test and verify the equipment and technological support;
• verify and launch the equipment;
• verify the technical condition and residual life of construction sites and objects of housing and utility services, and relevant equipment;
• organize regular check-ups, current and capital repair works, reconstruction of facilities and equipment of construction sites and utility services;
• develop and implement programs on the energy efficiency of buildings and structures;
• prepare user's manuals for special equipment. construction and utility facilities;
• carry out seasonal preparation work for construction and utility facilities;
• settle applications for equipment and spare parts aquisition, carry out feasibility studies on repair work;
• join in the management of engineering systems operation;
• supervise the construction and maintanance work on construction and utility facilities on behalf of the customer or technical service department.
Programme Description

08.03.01 . Construction. Industrial and civil construction.

Duration of the Programme: 4 years.

Programme type: .

Language of instruction: Russian.

Institute: Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Courses & Study Load
The Degree programme ECTS value - 240 credits
Core courses:
Courses are given in 12 modules:
  • General competences
  • Foreign language
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering for construction
  • Strengthфand performance of Materials
  • Architecture and building construction
  • Engineering systems of buildings and structures
  • Construction Production Technology (Part I)
  • Construction production technology (Part II)
  • Construction Economics
  • Quality assurance and computer-aided design in construction
  • The examination and testing of building structures
Professional Training / Internships

  • Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin); 

  • Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University; 

  • JSC "Kaliningradpromproekt"; 

  • CJSC "Geodetic instruments", 

  • St. Petersburg; 

  • Committee for Architecture and Construction Administration of Kaliningrad municipal authorities, 

  • Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building;

  • Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal" (Water supply system);   

  • "Kaliningrad Regional Children and Youth Ecology Center, Local History and Tourism"

Career Opportunities

The prospect area of ​​professional activity for the graduates of the degree programme can include:

  • engineering survey, design, construction, operation, maintenance, monitoring, evaluation, repair and reconstruction of buildings and facilities;

  • software engineering and equipment construction projects and urban areas, as well as transport infrastructure;

  • experimental research in the construction industry;

  • the use of machinery, equipment and technologies for construction and installation work, work on the operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities, as well as for the production of construction materials, products and facilities;

  • entrepreneural and management industrial activity in the construction and housing sector, including the provision and evaluation of the economic efficiency of business and industrial activities;

  • technical and environmental safety in the construction and utility communal services.

Admission & Tuition

State-funded applicants  (Russian nationals and  Russian speaking applicants from the CIS countries ) are  expected to  take  the following exams:

  • Mathematics 

  • Physics

  • Russian language

Fee-paying applicants are expected to take:


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Evgeny KUROCHKIN, Head Istructor for the "Construction" programme:

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