Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Degree Programmes

Technical Physics

Programme Information

The goal of the programme is to train highly-qualified professionals in modern high-tech engineering for design and technological spheres. 

Advantages of the programme:

Unique research equipment which is located in “Fabrika” science park, close contact and cooperation with design and experimental institutions as well as hi-tech enterprises.

Upon completion of the training programme, students will be able to:

  • have good knowledge and competences in material studies;

  • carry out and coordinate industrial technological processes;

  • conduct 3-D modelling;

  • apply the research methodology for magnetic and optical properties of nano-materials.  

Programme Description

16.03.01. Technical Physics. .

Duration of the Programme: 4 years.

Programme type: Full-time.

Language of instruction: Russian.

Institute: Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology.

Courses & Study Load
Number of ECTS - 240
Basic courses:
metrology, standardization and certification, optoelectronics, fundamentals of plasmonics, spectroscopic methods of substance research, optics of nanoscale systems, magnetic properties of metals and alloys, laser physics, technology of multilayer deposition , atomic and molecular spectroscopy, methods of optical non-destructive testing, experiment automation, quantum information processing methods.
Professional Training / Internships

Experimental Design Bureau "Fakel"

JSC "DGS-Nanotech"

Gdansk University of Technology  (Poland)

University of Turku (Finland),

LLC "Kaliningradgazavtomatika "


JSC Shipyard "Yantar"

CJSC "Baltkran"

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program "Technical Physics" are able to work in the modern high-tech industries; enterprises engaged in production of high-precision research laboratory equipment, in the development and production of microelectronic devices, precision optics; companies, conducting research on the strength and structural integrity; structures that ensure metrological support of enterprises; institutions, whose work is connected to the operation of modern medical technologies, laboratory and diagnostic equipment.

  • Technology engineer in an industrial enterprise;

  • Designer-developer of complex technical systems;

  • Expert in non-destructive testing;

  • Head of the research group, a laboratory, a division of the enterprise, a design bureau, an Institute;

  • Researcher in a research laboratory, scientific and educational center;

  • Metrological support specialist.

Admission & Tuition
State-funded applicants (Russian nationals and Russian speaking applicants from the CIS countries) are expected to take the following exams:
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Russian language
Fee-paying applicants are expected to take:

Anastasiya TALATAY,

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Andrey Shpilevoy, первый заместитель директора института

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Language of instructions: Russian

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